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This monthly quality management systems newsletter comes from Conformance1, your quality systems services provider. We offer a number of free compliance and training tools including our cost of quality benchmarking tool, ISO certification cost calculator, interactive ISO 9001 certification checklists, services directories and more.

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Supplier Quality
Bridging the Quality Management Digital Divide

Assurx, a quality compliance company, released a whitepaper highlighting how a cloud-based EQMS can provide manufacturers with the agility and real-time insights needed to maintain quality control, comply with regulations, and respond to market changes effectively….Read more

Quality Management
Are You Falling for These Audit Misconceptions?

The primary goal of an audit is to uncover facts, not faults. Auditors identify issues, recognize areas of strength, and suggest improvements. Chinmay Kulkarni addresses common misconceptions about auditing. …Read more

Quality Management
Product Quality Strategies: 13 You Need To Use

Adrian Leighton outlines 13 essential product quality strategies for achieving consistent product quality. These strategies are categorized into pre-production and post-production stages, providing a comprehensive approach to quality assurance…Read more

Risk Management

Elevate Your Audits: Upgrade Your Conventional Audit Program With A Risk-Based Approach

This “Quality Progress” journal article by Lance B. Coleman Sr. emphasizes integrating risk management into auditing processes. The author argues for a shift from traditional auditing to a risk-based approach…Read more

Quality Management
What’s Your Process Language?

The article stresses the impact of language on risk management, arguing that if process information is not understandable, it can lead to breakdowns and compliance issues. This becomes increasingly important with the rising accessibility of low-code and no-code automation tools…Read more

Supplier Quality

The Gartner Market Guide for Supplier Risk Management Solutions

Gartner’s “Market Guide for Supplier Risk Management Solutions” highlights the pressing need for procurement technology leaders to address ongoing supply chain disruptions. Key concerns include supplier viability, cybercrime, and increasing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) regulations…Read more

ISO 9001

What should be changed in the next edition of ISO 9001?

This forum discussion centered around the revision of ISO 9001, following the SC2 plenary meeting in October 2023 and the first meeting of Work Group 29 in December 2023. The forum participants reflect a mix of anticipation and skepticism about the upcoming changes to ISO 9001…Read more

Cost of Quality

Results for the 23rd Annual Quality Spending Survey

According to the survey, there is a notable increase in spending on AI, with 55% of companies planning to raise their investment in 2024. Additionally, 46% of companies currently use automation, while 8% use AI…Read more

Continuous Improvement
Book Review: “Improve LESS” by Chad Bareither
“Improve LESS: The Focus and Align Framework for Sustainable Continuous Improvement” by Chad Bareither presents a novel approach to continuous improvement, advocating for focused change and aligned efforts rather than overhauling everything at onceRead more

Quality Management
Critical Failure Factors for Quality 4.0: An Exploratory Qualitative Study

This academic article, published in the International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, delves into Quality 4.0 (Q4.0), a new concept in the field of quality management. The study aims to explore the critical failure factors (CFFs) associated with the implementation of Q4.0 and how its failure can be measured…Read more

Hyperautomation 2.0 – A Modern-Day Vision to QA

Hyperautomation 2.0 is a modern vision for Quality Assurance (QA). It significantly advances traditional QA methods, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, and analytics to transform software testing processes…Read more

Continuous Improvement
What is an Agile Retrospective? An Ultimate Guide

Agile retrospectives involve regular, structured meetings at the end of each project iteration, allowing teams to reflect on their performance and identify areas for improvement…Read more

Quality Management
5 Key Components of Quality Control Measures

Five critical components of quality control measures in manufacturing ensure that products meet or exceed the highest standards. To effectively implement these quality control measures, the article suggests conducting a comprehensive quality assessment…Read more

Quality Management
Auditing 101: Understanding Audits and Tips to Prepare

An audit acts as a health check for business processes, assessing their alignment with the company’s quality objectives. There are different types of audits, each serving a unique purpose. Internal audits are like self-assessments within a company, identifying problems to be fixed proactively….Read more

Quality Management
How Technology and Data Analytics are Revolutionizing Auditing

Traditional auditing methods are being replaced by more efficient techniques facilitated by data analytics and advanced information technology. This shift has made many conventional auditing practices obsolete …Read more

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